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This page contains very brief information about a mod of the name; "Mutant Creatures" which rightfully belongs to "thehippomaster21".

Welcome to the Mutant Creatures help page! Edit

This is a wiki page that contains information for the mod that was created by thehippomaster21 and is made for Minecraft. This mod holds a story about when an "experiment" had gone HORRIBLY wrong, and thus the 'Mutant Creatures' were born, and from then on the world became in great jeopardy, there is only one way to stop these brutal monsters from doing any further damage than they already have done. Have YOU got what it takes to stop these almost-untouchable immortals?

Help Edit

This mod HEAVILY relies on "AnimationAPI" which is a "core mod" (dependency|ies) for the mod to function correctly!

Mutants Edit

Mutant Zombie

Mutant Creeper

Mutant Creeper Minion

Mutant Skeleton

Mutant Snow Golem

Mutant Enderman

Mutant Spider