The Mutant Skeleton is a mutant version of a skeleton, can be found in the night time, has 160 health and heals in the night, with 4 attacks.

Attacks Edit

Melee Attack: The mutant skeleton will punch you, knock you back and take you less damage.

Ranged Attack: The mutant skeleton will shoot a arrow at you will take you lot of damage and give you random effects, also the arrow goes through blocks.

Multi-Shot Attack: The mutant skeleton will jump in the air and shoots 6 arrows at you and take a lot of damage.

Constrict: The mutant skeleton will open its rib cage and take you lot of damage and sends you to the air.

Death Edit

The mutant skeleton will break into pieces and will deal damage if hit by the pieces.

Drops Edit

Armor: Skeleton arms are part of the crafting recipe for the Mutant Skeleton Chestplate.The skeleton ribcage is part of the crafting recipe for the Mutant Skeleton Chestplate. While also being the strongest mutant skeleton armor piece, when the Mutant Skeleton Chestplate is equipped, bows charge at four times the original rate! How will you survive without strong armor? Be nimble with the Mutant Skeleton Leggings. When these are equipped, the player gains a Speed II boost! Dodge those attacks! Kind of hard to stay airborne and use your Mutant Skeleton Chestplate ability? No problem! With the Mutant Skeleton Boots equipped, You can jump much higher, especially when sprinting!

The mutant skeleton helmet is dropped by the mutant skeleton.

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