The Mutant snow golem is a mutant of the snow golem, can be created by throwing a Chemical X to a snow golem.

Stats Edit

The Mutant Snow Golem has 80 HP (40 Hearts)

AI Edit

Like snow golems, the mutant snow golem will attack agressive mobs, but instead of snowballs, they throw ice blocks which deal 6 damage (3 Hearts).

When you right-click a mutant snow golem, your name will appear above its head and the golem will follow you (Note: The mutant snow golem won't follow you really good).

Trivia Edit

  • When you throw a snowball to a mutant snow golem, it will heal 1 heart
  • Nearby water blocks will be frozen and it creates a snow path (Only works when the golem is standing on the ground)
  • If in some way the mutant snow golem is on water without freezing it, it will deal 16 damage (8 Hearts) to the golem

Drops Edit

  • 32~48 Snowballs
  • 1 Jack o'Lantern

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