The Mutant Zombie is a giant, hulk-like version of the zombie, and will be found in the night time as a rare spawn. 25% of the time, it'll be a mutant zombie villager. It attack villagers, iron golems and players without provocation.

Attacks Edit


Smash attack: The mutant zombie will smash the ground and deal up to 12-24 damage and 75% chance making you hungry.


Throw attack: The mutant zombie will throw you in the air and jump in the air and smash you to the ground, dealing alot of fall damage in the process.


Roar attack: The mutant zombie will roar and spawn 6 zombie minions. The number of zombies depends on the time: roaring at day time spawns alot less zombies than at night time.

Death Edit

Esqueleto mutante
Nível de dificuldade
Melee, Ranged, Multi-Shot, Constrict
Capacete de esqueleto mutante, Costelas de esqueleto, Pelve de esqueleto, Libches de esqueleto, Ombros de esqueleto

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