The Mutant Zombie is a giant, hulk-like version of the zombie, and will be found in the night time as a rare spawn. 25% of the time, it'll be a mutant zombie villager. It attack villagers, iron golems and players without provocation.

Attacks Edit


Smash attack: The mutant zombie will smash the ground and deal up to 12-24 damage and 75% chance making you hungry.


Throw attack: The mutant zombie will throw you in the air and jump in the air and smash you to the ground, dealing alot of fall damage in the process.


Roar attack: The mutant zombie will roar and spawn 6 zombie minions. The number of zombies depends on the time: roaring at day time spawns alot less zombies than at night time.

Death Edit

Once brought down to 0 health, the Mutant Zombie will "die" and fall to the ground. However, unless you light it on fire, it'll get back up again with 40 health and continue to fight you. To permanently kill it, you must either kill it 4 times or light it on fire once it's down. On disappearance, the Mutant Zombie will drop the Hulk Hammer and 30 experience points.

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